The Power of Perspective proudly announces snack food for the woman.

Clermont, FL. March 6, 2011 - Launched on August 11, 2009, Snack Food for the Soul, a weekly E-Devotional published by The power of Perspective, Inc. has grown from a conservative 354 recipients to over 14,000 readers worldwide on each of our seven continents. This weekly minute and a half thought provoking and inspirational read had gone viral due to its non-confrontational and loving approach to empowering Christians of all ethnicities and socio-economic standing to grow holistically toward each other and toward our God.

Its founder and publisher Sean Cort says, "Snack Food for the Soul captures our attention during our personal time and tells us what we need to hear by allowing us to see it first. If we can see the change in our spirit that needs to take place then it's easier to be obedient and just do it."

Cort goes on to say that "Snack Food has always has always had a huge following of women of 85%. The Lord gave me a way to cater to the specific devotional needs of these women by creating Snack Food for the Woman." This new devotional will debut in April and will allow women to submit their own Snack Food literary contributions which will also encourage them to pursue their own dreams of becoming writers. The Snack Food team will publish these Snack Food submissions which can also be excerpts from forthcoming books as long as they are devotional in nature.

The creation of the True Perspective Publishing House will offer participants an incentive for getting these notes and excerpts into manuscripts and eventually published book titles. The Snack Food submissions should be between 500 to 800 words long and must be inspirational in nature. All work must be original and should be proofed for errors before they are submitted electronically. All works will be printed in their entirety. If the submission is an excerpt from the participant's published work then a picture of the book along with book purchase information and the author contact will be provided.

True Perspective is launching this endeavor to support its ministerial initiative for women by empowering them to become more active in their spiritual development and service to the Lord. Cort believes that, "If we empower Our Women to write, then they will empower other women as well as the lives they love and touch to act upon what they know is their call to service of our Lord." All who are interested should respond to this email and they will be contacted directly by Sean Cort via email with further instructions. Interested participants can also contact the True Perspective Publishing House through their website at